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Rules Regarding Students


1. Buses will run on existing routes only. No Request for change of route will be entertained. However, the school has right to change/adjust routes according to the norms laid down by it. In case a child is not using the School Transport on any day, a note to this effect should be sent by the parents well in advance or inform on given contact Nos.

2. No efforts for the safety of students are spared, but the school will not be held responsible for any road accident in which the student may unfortunately involved.

3. One month's notice must be given before withdrawing the student from use of the school bus facility or one month's fee in lieu of the notice. Intermittent withdraw! will not be allowed

4. Any student found using the school transport unauthorized will be charged for full month. If the act is repeated, full session's transport fee will be charged.

5. Full session transport fees will be chargeable from school bus users.

6. Parents should be ensure that their wards reach the bus stop at least 10 minutes before the schedule time in the morning.


1. All Student from class Pre-School and above must come to the school in proper school uniform.

2. Parents must ensure that their wards do not carry/use CD's, mobile phones, ipads & electrical gadgets. If found, the items will be seized and necessary disciplinary action will be taken. School will not be responsible for any loss. Student should not borrow and lend money from their fellow students.

3. Students who are absent for more than 3 days without intimation will not be allowed to attend the school unless the parents meet the principal and give in writing the explanation for such absence.

4. Whenever a student is absent, he/she should submit the leave letter signed by the parent on the day he/she is reporting to school. Delay in submission won't be allowed.

5. If any student is absent on medical ground for more than 3 days his/her absence will be considered for leave only after he/she submits the leave letter signed by the parent along with Medical Certificate

6.Student name will be removed from the roll :-

  a.If absent for a week or more without any intimation in writing,
  b.For non-payment of school fees even after the due date for late payment with
  c.Against disciplinary actions.

7. Frequently absenting from Test/Term Exams will be viewed seriously. If absent for any Test/Test Exam, the student should answer the paper as home assignment and get it checked by the subject teacher. No retest/re-exam is allowed

8. Whenever a student reports late to the school, should bring a letter signed by the parent. Not more than three such late coming will be permitted in a term. Student Reporting late during monthly Test/Term and Terminal Examination will not be allowed to give the Test/Examination.

9. Marks will be deducted from different subjects if a student very often, reports late to the school/not wearing proper uniform/not wearing ID card and not completing the home assignment on time.

10.Only the Parent / Authorized Guardian (as intimated to the school In writing) should sign the progress report / leave letter or any intimation letter to the school.

11.Students using unfair means during tests are liable to be expelled from the school.

12.Any Student having less than 75% attendance in an academic year will not be permitted to appear in the final tests.

13.Any damage done to the school property will be recovered in full from the concerned child/children.

14.The School reserves the right to Suspend/Expell students whose conduct is undesirable, immoral, grave insubordination, contempt of authority, willful damage to property, use of vulgar gestures or languages is always a sufficient reason for immediate expulsion from the school.

15. Parents are requested to inform the school/class teacher in case of any change in contact details and address


If a child is withdrawn from the school before 10th of April without giving prior notice the fee for the month of May and June along with annual charges will be charge before the school leaving certificate is issued. One month's notice in writing will be however, required to be given by the guardian/parent before withdrawal of the ward from the period from July to March


Summer Uniforms

On Monday,Tuesday,Thursday &Friday
  • BOYS:Class Nur. To Vth Sky Blue Shirt (half sleeves) check (half paint), Black shoes, Blue Socks, Tie, Belt
  • BOYS:Class To 6th- 12th Sky Blue Shirt (half Sleeves), Blue Pant, Black Shoes, Blue Socks, Tie, Belt
  • GIRLS: Class Nur. To 5th Sky Blue Shirt (half sleeves), Check Tunic, Black Shoes, Blue Socks, Tie, Belt, White Ribbon
  • GIRLS : 6th to 12th Sky Blue Suit, Black Shoes, Blue Socks, White Ribbon
  • GIRLS : 6th to 12th Sky Blue Suit, Black Shoes, Blue Socks, White Ribbon
  • Wednesday & Saturday
  • BOYS: Nur. To 5th Blue T-Shirt, Half White Pant, White Socks, White Shores, Belt
  • Girls: Blue T-Shirt, White Skirt, White Shoes, White Socks, Belt, White Ribbon
  • BOYS: 6th to 12th Blue T-Shirt, White Pant, White Shoes, White Socks, Belt
  • GIRLS: White Suit, White Shoes, White Socks, White Ribbon
  • Winter Uniform

    On Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,Friday
  • BOYS: Nur.to 5th Sky blue Full Sleeves Shirt, Wallen Grey Pant, Blazer Navy Blue Grey Socks, Black Shoes, Tie, Belt
  • GIRLS : Grey Tunic Skirt, Sky Blue Full Sleeves Shirt, Navy Blue Blazer, Grey Socks, Black Shoes, Belt, Tie
  • BOYS: 6th to 12th Sky Boue Full Sleeves Shirt, Wollen Grey ant, Blazer Navy Blue ,Grey Socks, Black Shoes Tie, Belt
  • GIRLS: Blue Shirt, Navy Blue Blazer, Blue Socks, Black Shoes
  • On Wednesday, Saturday
  • BOYS: nur. to 5th Blue T-Shirt, White Pant, Navy Blue Blazer, White Shoes, White Socks, Belt
  • GIRLS: Blue T-Shirt, White Tunic/Skirt, Navy Blue Blazer, White Socks, White Shoes, Belt.
  • BOYS: 6th to 12th Blue T-Shirt, White Pant, Navy Blue Blazer, White Shoes, White Socks, Belt
  • GIRLS: White Suit, Navy Blue Blazer, White Socks, White Shoes, White Ribbon

1. The School fee are to be paid regularly on monthly basis.

2. The Fee for a month is to be deposited by the 10th of the month in which dues are to be paid-, happens to be a holiday then the payment is to be madeby the previous working day of the month. In case, the fee is not deposited by the due date, the fee will be collected with late fee.

3. Fee and other charges once paid will not be refunded

4. In case of loss of fee Book, Fresh Fee Book will be issued on payment of Rs 50/-.

5. Other Charges such as Annual Charges, Development Charges etc. will be paid in the month of April only

6. Parent's of class X & XII are requested to pay the fee of February and March, latest by 10th January of the session in view of the Board Exams

7. If the school fee is not paid, the name of the child will be struck off from the school roll and Re-admission will be at the discretion of the Principal and on payment of the Re-admission Fee.

8. Fine on any late payment will be charges as per follow:

	From 11th to 20th 			Rs. 10.00
	From 21 st to Last day of Month 	Rs. 20.00
	From 1 st to 10th of the Next Month 	Rs. 100.00

Age: For admission in School adhere to the following rules : on 31st March of the academic session age should be:



Class Ist:5+Years

The new academic session strts on 1st of April every year. The admission to various classes specially class I to Ix are made on the basis of written test and interviews in English, Hindi, Maths & Science. The test is of the level of the annual examination of the preceding class.

  • Admission form duly filled up by the student/parents (from the prospectus)
  • Medical form duly filled up (from the prospectus) & attested by authorized doctor.
  • Date of birth certificate from the competent authority. (For fresher)
  • Residence proof. (Ration Card/electricity bill/Aadhar Card)
  • Transfer certificate duly counter signed by district education officer. (For non-fresher)
  • Attested photocopy of Mark sheet/progress card of previous year.
  • Two passport size photographs of the student

The following practices will lead to the strict disciplinary action :-

Coming Late
	-Verbal warning.
	- Parents to be informed through a note.
	- Parents to be called and the student sent back home.
	- Student marked absent.
Bullying/aggressive behavior and use of abusive/local language
	-Verbal warming.
	- Parents to be informed through a note.
	- Parents to be called and counselling of the student.
Irregular attendance
	-Verbal warning.
	- Written information to Parents.
Hair Cut
	- Verbal warning (Twice).
	- haircut in school.
Defaulter at work (missing test and exams, late submission, not getting the required material)
	-Verbal warning.
	-Withdrawal of P.T. Period.
	-After school detention to complete the work.
Damage to school Property
	- Penal Fine.
Untidy classrooms and littering the school
	-Student to clean the classroom or littered area.
	-Withdrawal of break.
	-Withdrawal of P.T. Period.
Uniform turnout
	-Verbal Warning.
	-Withdrawal P.T. Period.
	-Written note to the Parents.	
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