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Chairman Desk

Ring Midways school was established in 1996 with a pious vision to serve the society. When I look back, it took years with our collective efforts in making the school what it is today. In a short span of time, it has shined in the society. In the modern world where values are changing speedily we need to be global citigens rather than promoting nationalism. We all belong the same world. Our causes are...

Principle Desk

Ring Midways Sr. Sec. Public School is one of the fastest growing school in west Delhi. Nobody can say that every school is at par with the others. But what we can say is that every school is good in its own way, each has its own ethos, internal activities, and teacher involvement ensuring that every student is getting what he or she should get from a good school. Having so many schools in our society means that every..

Manager Desk

A true visionary and a perennial source of inspiration- Mr.Rambir solanki, founder & ex-manager of Ring Midways Sr. Sec. Public School, believes in simple life and hardwork. He is a man of essence whose expressions speak more than words. He performs all his duties with the utmost dedication. He always try to give his best to whatever he does. He stands apart from the crowd. He gives importance to his work...

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