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Ring Midways Sr. Sec. Public School is one of the fastest growing school in west Delhi. Nobody can say that every school is at par with the others. But what we can say is that every school is good in its own way, each has its own ethos, internal activities, and teacher involvement ensuring that every student is getting what he or she should get from a good school. Having so many schools in our society means that every school is in competition with each other, in a very healthy way. That is what makes our school tick. Our school is out to prove that it is the best, and this ensures that we get the best out of all the students and teachers. Our teachers are enthusiastic and enterprising, and the students are keen to learn. This quality helps bring the best out of everyone. I believe every child deserves quality education, and though it is almost impossible to fulfil this dream to the fullest measure, I would like to at least fulfil it to good measure. I would like children to be honest, hardworking and full of etiquettes. Our prime objective is to promote good quality education for all children. For us, it doesn't start and stop with one individual, but a collaborative and collective effort. All the members of school society, teachers and students contribute to make this society what it is, and all provide support in their own way. Dear students! You have all been given a wonderful opportunity and you must cherish this opportunity. Always keep your values intact, work hard, make maximum use of the resources you have been given and become someone of whom we can all be proud of. Always be happy and smiling. For me, I know education is the field where I belong. Its not just love of children, but its hope for the future .It is my firm belief that every thing is possible. There are diverse pathways which lead to excellence. Our motto is to meet the requirements of our times and work for the benefit of all human kind. This is the challenge that will determine our future.

School Libarary

Books, being the getway of knowledge, big well decorated library hall having separate reading room has been laid. At present there are 20,000 books. Provision is made for newspapers and standard magazines and periodicals.


Parent Teacher Meeting

Last working day of each month is a school holiday for children only. On that day parent-teacher meeting (when notified) will be held in the school between 9.00 A.m to 12.00 Noon. This has been done to provide common platform for both teachers and parents to interact in academic and grand behavior of the child and all matters pertaining to their wards. All parents are expected to attend the said meeting in the interest of their wards.

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