Ring Midways

Manager Desk


A true visionary and a perennial source of inspiration- Mr.Rambir solanki, founder & ex-manager of Ring Midways Sr. Sec. Public School, believes in simple life and hardwork. He is a man of essence whose expressions speak more than words. He performs all his duties with the utmost dedication. He always try to give his best to whatever he does. He stands apart from the crowd. He gives importance to his work. He has gained name & fame as a social worker and a proficient administrator. Shouldering each responsibility with wisdom, he has overcome all hindrances with winsome smile, with true leadership skills. He is the one to emulate. The school is growing constantly under his inimitable leadership with its enterprise and performance at all levels, be it academics, sports or co-curricular activities where every student's talent is appreciated. He wants his students to be global citizens in the true sense of the word.

House System

House system has been introduced to inculcate the spirit of co-operation, understanding and fellow feeling among diverse classes. All sports as well as other competitions are under this House System


Parent Teacher Meeting

Last working day of each month is a school holiday for children only. On that day parent-teacher meeting (when notified) will be held in the school between 9.00 A.m to 12.00 Noon. This has been done to provide common platform for both teachers and parents to interact in academic and grand behavior of the child and all matters pertaining to their wards. All parents are expected to attend the said meeting in the interest of their wards.

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