Ring Midways

Chairman Desk

Mr. Ramesh Solanki

Ring Midways school was established in 1996 with a pious vision to serve the society. When I look back, it took years with our collective efforts in making the school what it is today. In a short span of time, it has shined in the society. In the modern world where values are changing speedily we need to be global citizens rather than promoting nationalism. We all belong the same world. Our causes are common. When a child is born his home is his first world, the school his second world, college his third and fourth is his place of work, So from a good child, you go to be a good employee. The real satisfaction is drawn out of working for a cause and seeing a responsible citizen. I Believe we all are born with a character .We are all born pure and pious. The world takes it away from us by teaching us, So many values which are sometimes unnecessary. We must try leaving the baby alone and seeing him how it learns and adapts so astonishingly fast to the new world. The world tries moulding us. It is up to us and the character we are born with to accept what is useful to us and fend off what is otherwise.

House System

House system has been introduced to inculcate the spirit of co-operation, understanding and fellow feeling among diverse classes. All sports as well as other competitions are under this House System

Computer ERA

We are living in the Computer Era which is an age of Scientific discoveries and inventions. Our worthy Prime Minister is successfully leading our country to the 21st Century and is stressing upon the latest techniques in all spheres. In order to keep pace with the rapid advance that is school so that students may not leg behind their counterparts in other countries. We have established Computer Laboratory with the Pentium III and Pentium IV Multimedia Computer machines and softwares for this purpose.

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